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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Author Spotlight - M. Raiya

It is my pleasure to introduce M. Raiya, author of Another Healing

M. Raiya
Tell us a little bit about how Another Healing came to life. What inspired the story?
My novel, Another Healing, grew out of a horrific car accident that my family and I were in a few years ago. It involved two speeding tractor trailer trucks in the night and resulted in a broken collar bone for me and lots of bruises for everyone else. I was left with an intense fear of diesel engines rumbling in the dark, and that was what gave me the idea for the novel. One of my main characters, Ambient, is gravely injured at the beginning of the story from an accident with a truck, and a lot of what he went through was cathartic, in a way, for me.
I've also been fascinated with the concept of healing and what it might be like to live with the ability to ease people's pain and even save lives with just a touch. I imagined it would be a hard secret to keep. Hence James came into being. As I began to explore these ideas along with Ambient and James, I realized I had a novel on my hands.
Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?
Oh, that's a hard question! I can't really chose a favorite between James and Ambient. I love them both. I think James is fascinating because he's trying to cope with the mysterious and sometimes terrifying gift he was born with and stay sane at the same time. And I love Ambient. He's a really and truly good person (though he'd be the first to deny it) who has horrible things happen to him and manages to keep his heart open to love despite it all. But of the minor characters, it's easy to pick my favorite. Jules is a Renaissance jewelry maker who had the misfortune to be born into the wrong era. I can imagine him saying, "Wouldst thou like to look over my wares, good people? Forsooth this diamond would grace your fingers fair... Oh, sorry, but not that one. It's promised to a comely young youth named Ambient!"
Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write?
I live and write in northern Vermont surrounded by woods and streams and old stone walls. I've been a writer as long as I can remember, and I need to write as much as I need to breathe. I wrote my first novel when I was ten. (Notice I didn't say that I published my first novel when I was ten. That came a bit later.) Nature and nature photography are very important parts of who I am. And I also work with special needs high school kids. To relax, I love to swim or cuddle with my two kitties. Not to forget my husband or two daughters, of course.
Any advice for aspiring authors?
Well, my advice is that when you're ready to start submitting your stories to publishers, don't pick just one potential home for your words. Make a whole list. Send to your first choice first, but if it doesn't work out, send your story immediately to your second choice. Don't put yourself in a position to have to do more marketing research when you're understandably feeling discouraged. And while that story is out circulating, keep busy writing your next one. And don't ever give up!
Closing remarks...
Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a guest on your blog, Allison, and thank you everybody for reading!

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Another Healing

When James first discovers he can heal, he thinks he has a rare and miraculous gift. But when he learns the price, it feels more like a curse. He falls passionately and completely in love with every person, male or female, he heals. But only until he heals again, when he becomes hotly infatuated with the next person. He doesn't dare express feelings he knows are only transitory or hold out hope anyone will love him back under those conditions.
One night, he meets Ambient, the victim of a car accident, dying, his neck broken. James heals him despite knowing what is in store. He can't resist Ambient, and to his amazement, Ambient returns his feelings. Thinking Ambient has broken the curse, James heals the next injured person he comes across. To his joy, and confusion, he does not fall in love anew. If anything, his feelings toward Ambient intensify. Awash with the certainty that somehow, he and Ambient are meant for each other, they set out to learn the truth about James's strange power.


Karen said...

I look forward to getting to know a new (to me) author.

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Please count me in for the giveaway, this book sounds interesting. Thanks

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Sounds like a really good, interesting read! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

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Wow, this sounds like an amazing book! Thanks for sharing with us.

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This sounds really promising. Please count me in. Thanks!

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This book sounds intriguing. I cannot wait to learn more about this unusual man and the power he holds.