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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Author Spotlight - Andrew Grey

It is my pleasure to introduce Andrew Grey, author of Stuck in Oz

Andrew Grey
Tell us a little bit about how Stuck in Oz came to life. What inspired the story?
I was on a business trip top Kansas and spent a few hours in Wamego. Its a great small town and they have picked up the torch with an Oz theme. They even have a yellow brick road of sorts. It was fun and I had to write about it.
Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?
I love all of them, but I had the lost fun writing Jeremy. He's afraid, on the run of sorts, looking for a home and people to care for him and his younger brother Petey who always comes first. As I was writing the story I couldn't help feeling that he was deserved to find love... and maybe more.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write?
I am nearly 50 and a number of years ago I was very overweight and needed to get in shape. I joined a gym and started reading gay romance because nothing makes treadmill time go faster than sex. :) After reading them for a while I decided to try writing. I didn't tell anyone until I was half done with the first manuscript. After that I caught the bug and never looked back.
Any advice for aspiring authors?
Write what you love to read not what you think will sell. You are going to spend more time with the characters and story than anyone, so you need to love it. That will come through in the writing.
Closing remarks...
Writing is a solitary process and one of the greatest joys I get is meeting and talking to readers. A note or kind comment from a reader has made my day more than once. You are all special and I love each and every one of you.

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Stuck in Oz

Tales from Kansas
When Jeremy and Petey’s mother died, their house was taken to pay the debts she left behind, leaving them homeless. Afraid Petey will be put in foster care, they have no one to turn to but their Uncle Milt, so they pack up Jeremy’s beat-up car and leave San Diego for Wamego, Kansas.
They arrive in the middle of a snowstorm and stop at the local diner to contact their uncle, where they meet Nate. Nate and his aunt help them contact Uncle Milt, and he agrees to help.
Jeremy and Nate hit it off quickly, but Jeremy runs when he’s made to believe their new home isn’t permanent. Nate goes after him, finds him, and convinces him that he’s wanted. However, just as Jeremy and Nate begin to trust each other, Petey’s estranged father appears and threatens to tear Jeremy’s new life and fledgling family apart.


T.T. Kove said...

This book sounds real interesting! ^_^

Jen CW said...

The whole book series sounds great.

Soxie said...

Sounds interesting