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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Author Spotlight - Brynn Stein

It is my pleasure to introduce Brynn Stein, author of Haunted

Brynn Stein
Tell us a little bit about how Haunted came to life. What inspired the story?
"Haunted" started out life as a fan fiction written for a Christmas exchange. A friend of mine told me that since it was an AU (Alternate Universe) anyway, it was pretty much already an original fiction. She encouraged me to rework it as much as needed and then send it off to Dreamspinner to see if they liked it.
Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?
I absolutely love Jason. He's a ghost who was killed in his own bedroom, whose entire family either died or disappeared under suspicious circumstances. If anyone has a reason to be a hostile entity, I would think it would him. But he's not hostile at all. He's playful, with a wicked sense of humor, and works hard to be able to physically manifest to be able to be with his new found friend turned lover, Lenard. Jason loves 'life' and helps Lenard, who has just suffered through a messy divorce, learn to love it again as well.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write?
I've always loved to write, as long as I could remember. I used to write stories to amuse myself or my mother when I was just a kid. As I got older, I started writing 'episodes' for my favorite TV shows long before I knew what fan fiction was. Once I found online fan fiction, I wrote practically every spare moment. I hadn't really thought of writing original fiction for actual publication until my friend suggested that I do that for "Haunted".
Any advice for aspiring authors?
Write! Write every chance you get...but write for yourself. Don't try to please others...because it's impossible to please everyone. Don't write to make money. Write a story that YOU are proud of...that YOU want to tell, and write simply because you love to write.
Closing remarks...
Thank you Allison for the opportunity to appear in your Spotlight. It's been a while since "Haunted" was published, so I'm doubly glad that you allowed me to promote it here again. I have another novel due to come out sometime this summer, called "Living Again". I would love to come back and give away a copy of that, too.

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When Lenard Blake is forced to leave his wife, he divorces not just her but her influential family, who makes it impossible for him to keep his job as a Denver police officer, never mind to find another one anywhere in Colorado. But a rural police force in Virginia has an opening, and the move could be just the change he needs, so Lenard buys a house based on an Internet ad. But when he arrives, he finds that the house looks nothing like the ad... and it's haunted as well.
Lenard doesn't believe in the supernatural, but he decides to research his supposed ghost anyway. Soon he learns that fifteen years ago, Jason Miller was murdered in the house, and his entire family died under suspicious circumstances. As he makes friends with his ghostly companion, they join forces to try to solve the old murders. Along the way, they find there are some things that conquer even death.


Carrie Ann Kennedy said...

sounds very interesting.

Carrie Ann Kennedy said...

sounds very interesting.

J. P. Barnaby said...

Just bought it - sounds awesome! Is it too much to hope for hot ghost sex?

pat nelson said...

Sounds like a hauntingly intriguing book. Please count me in. =}

gigi said...

Sounds great!

Ashley E said...

Haunted sounds like a great book. Glad to see that you have another book coming out as well!

Marsha said...

Sounds like a book I'd love to read!