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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Author Spotlight - Johanna Rae

It is my pleasure to introduce Johanna Rae, author of The Mercenary

Johanna Rae
Tell us a little bit about how The Mercenary came to life. What inspired the story?
I am often inspired by locations. The initial concept for the Therian Secrets series was sparked by a visit to my hometown. (Much of the fictional town of Redcliffe is based on that town, though I have used a great deal of creative licence to perfect it to my needs and keep it unique).
Inspiration really does hit you when you least expect it. I was at the base of the cliffs at the Whakatane Heads, and gazed up thoughtfully. Having previously explored the top of those cliffs, I knew that many years ago before the settlers came to NZ, there was a Maori Pa up there. (A village). I thought about how there could be an entire community up there and you would never know from down at the beach where I was sitting. It made me think of all sorts of secrets and forbidden things that could lurk there… and I began to infuse that notion with my love for the paranormal. The more the idea grew in my mind the more I knew writing about it was a must, no longer a want. Characters began to emerge and the rest is history.
Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?
I don't think I could choose a favorite out of my Redcliffe gang. They all hold a piece of my soul and even the less popular characters have aspects that I find endearing. Part of the reason I don't have a favorite is that they're a very close knit bunch, much like a family. Everyone has their niche and they all add different things to the mix. While I stand firm in my claim that I love them all the same, Rufus Ramanui seems to reside in a part of my heart none of the others can touch. I do not love him more, but I feel his pain/trauma/suffering much deeper than I do any of the others. I have a soft spot for my gentle giant. He has a tough exterior, and is always strong, brave and unrelenting on the outside. Inside he is much more complex. He has old fashioned values so is a gentleman when it comes to the ladies, and goes to great lengths to take care of his disabled mother.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write?
I have been a story teller from the time I was able to string sentences together. As a preschooler I made up little stories about my toys on a regular basis, and memorized all my favorite books. It didn't take long at school before I was able to start expressing myself with the written word, and I told my teacher at approximately five years old that when I grew up I was going to be a writer and an artist. I'm still both those things. I received awards in school for creative writing, though I did not have the courage to try to publish until my early thirties. The greatest joy for me is in sharing the stories with others, and knowing that someone else has enjoyed reading about the world I created as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Any advice for aspiring authors?
Write something every day, no matter how little, anything is better than nothing. Listen carefully to the criticisms of others who have read your work. Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to hear bad things about your work but this is your opportunity to build on what you have. Use those criticisms to expand and improve, or even recreate in an even better setting. Never give up at the first hurdle, sometimes being turned down doesn't mean that you have failed, just that you have chosen the wrong publisher/agent to view your work. Lastly, most writers write because it's ingrained in their very soul. They write because they must, not because of any conscious choice. Therefore, even if you get rejected, don't ever stop. Remember why you started in the first place, because it made you happy. Writing is a journey, and one that is constantly evolving. There is no right or wrong, just ways to improve. It's all a matter of individual perception.
Closing remarks...
I'm a big believer in paying it forward, in all aspects of life. As an author I try to adopt that approach too. I love to help promote other authors, especially indie authors and those from the smaller publishing firms. Since I know how much work is involved in promoting others, I am always very grateful when the privilege is extended to me. I would like to say a huge thank you To Allison for being a constant source of inspiration and being kind enough to host me here today.

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The Mercenary

When twenty-three-year-old Jodie Fletcher realizes shape-shifters are real--and that they're trying to kill he--she finds herself thrust into a life of danger and unimaginable intrigue. With both parents away, and her newly-single alcoholic brother Luke camped in the spare bedroom, Jodie feels like she's drowning in a world she doesn't understand. The only thing she can count on is the leopard who has taken it upon himself to protect her. She cannot ignore the raw emotion he awakens in her and longs for more. The leopard becomes not only her savior, but her escape.
Mysterious and unpredictable, leopard shifter Danny Archer hides behind his dimpled smile and pretty boy facade. What's more, he has a second job the human population doesn't know about--the one that leads him to Jodie and Luke. Archer feels an instant connection with Jodie, and must find a way to balance his volatile lifestyle to include her.
Luke Fletcher became an alcoholic long before his wife left him. Now he faces the brutal reality that the past has caught up with him. He made a series of bad choices while under the influence, which have placed his sister and his two young daughters in danger. Luke must try to find the man he used to be in order to survive the chaos he's inflicted. He knows he won't be able to live with himself if anything happens to his family.


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