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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Author Spotlight - Caitlin Ricci

It is my pleasure to introduce Caitlin Ricci, author of Rescuing Jack

Caitlin Ricci
Tell us a little bit about how Rescuing Jack came to life. What inspired the story?
Rescuing Jack was born originally from the question What if werewolves were a real part of everyday life? From that I started thinking about how a werewolf would live, what he would eat, and who his friends might be. I knew that I wanted a small town and slowly Rescuing Jack came to be. The trauma in this story was a surprise but once Jack walked in I knew that he belonged there. He fit into this little town and reflected it back. Pretty on the outside, hurting and torn open beneath his skin. If he feels real its because he's a reflection of the life experiences of someone I care about.
Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?
Marius, the werewolf, is where this story started. I've been a supporter for animal adoption for years and I knew someday I would write about someone that worked in a shelter. Marius was an easy choice. He's a sweet werewolf and tries to brighten the lives of others through his gift of being able to tell which animals would suit them best. It is something that he enjoys doing and he is surrounded by friends that support him and have become his family. He matters in this town as more than just the local werewolf and that means a lot to him.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write?
I was above my reading grade from the first time I was tested. I simply always loved to read. I carried a book with me wherever I went and more often than not when I was in trouble at school or home it was because I'd been reading when I wasn't supposed to be. Being grounded wasn't a big deal either since it was quiet time that I got to read in. My family moved around a lot when I was a child and so my books were the thing most constant in my life. I didn't form serious attachments to children my own age because I knew they'd be gone soon and so the characters were my best friends. It didn't take much for that love of reading to change into writing once someone suggested that I try writing out the way I wish things had been in key moments of my life. From then on the worlds in my head needed to be written.
Any advice for aspiring authors?
Keep writing. No matter what. Set time aside for yourself to write as often as you can. Make it a habit and set realistic goals for yourself. Don't say I'll write twelve novels this year. That's a great goal but its not immediate. Say that you'll write a thousand words today. Or five hundred. Make it realistic for you so that you can stick with it. It may not seem like much but those chunks add up. Always have a back up story going so that if you get blocked on one you can jump into the other. Set deadlines for yourself. Your story X will be finished by this date. Reward yourself when you hit those marks. Don't berate yourself when you don't. Don't take reviews too seriously. Yes, they help sell books but they are opinions and everyone is entitled to them. Bookmark your great reviews. Ignore the bad ones. And always trust your gut.
Closing remarks...
I hope you enjoy Rescuing Jack. Next to Marked by Grief, this is the most personal book I've written to date. It is heartbreaking but there is light and though it is about a werewolf and the man he loves, ultimately this book is about survival and learning to find yourself again after your world has been broken apart.

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Rescuing Jack
From Dreamspinner Press

Werewolves are real. Marius enjoys the irony that everyone calls him a dog whisperer, not just because he's a werewolf, but for his work at the local animal shelter. He has a unique talent for pairing families with their perfect pets upon first meeting them. But he's still looking for acceptance and a forever family of his own. Then Jack comes into the rescue looking for a big, mean dog. To prevent Jack from making the wrong choice, Marius convinces him to adopt a needy spaniel mix instead. But when Marius learns Jack is tormented by horrible memories while at his apartment, he opens his home to the sweet, scared man. As their relationship grows, Jack feels comfortable telling Marius about the horrors he suffered. Marius hopes his steady presence, protection, and love can help Jack reclaim the pieces of himself broken on that terrible night.


pat nelson said...

This book reminds me of my life in a lot of ways. Please count me in.

Kate Roe said...
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Kate Roe said...

Oh this sounds good!! Please count me in!!

Gaby Franz said...

I look forward to reading it. I loved the interview

trenton slayers said...

Omg!!! Cant wait to get my hands on it!!!