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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Havan Fellows

It is my pleasure to introduce Havan Fellows, author of the Wicked's Way series

Havan Fellows
Tell us a little bit about how Wicked's Way came to life. What inspired the story?
Wick Templeton (Wicked's Way series in the Pulp Friction world) formed in my mind the moment Laura Harner started talking to me, Lee Brazil and Tom Webb about maybe doing a couple of quick M/M reads in the Pulp Fiction genre. Wick took the idea and five books later is still going strong.

Who is your favorite character and what makes them so memorable to you?
Well of course I love Wick - he is the star of my series...but Banyu (his IT techie geek) is awesome! He makes and does the coolest stuff and his humor is so deadpan that you gotta laugh... here is a quick clip from Wicked Incarceration (bk #3) of an exchange between them over the phone (because you only ever see Banyu over the phone lol):

Wick waited for the completion of Banyu's thought, but never got it. "Um…Banyu?"


"You do realize I'm in jail right now. I'm on a bit of a time crunch for how long I can pace in a utility closet talking on a contraband phone to a tech genius that could turn off the power to this whole facility in less than five minutes."

Banyu snorted. "Two minutes. Do you want the power brought down?"

"I like how you're thinking, let's keep that option open for now. But how about something a bit more tangible for me to wrap my hands around at the moment?"

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you decide to write?
That's simple - I love entertaining people. I love when people are happy, mad, angry, upset or even turned on...I'm Italian so I love all emotions and to be able to draw them out of someone with a few words...well that's heady stuff right there. Not to mention it's good for my ego lol.

Any advice for aspiring authors?
There are plenty of readers out there - there's enough pie for all of us - there is no reason for cutthroat tactics and negativity. Align yourself with true friends and just do what you love. :)

Soooooo...I just published book five in my Wicked's Way series...Wicked Truths. I'm telling you I'm darn proud of this series...the way the Pulp Friction authors have taken very distinct characters and interwoven them throughout four series in the Pulp Friction world is amazing and rewarding. For one lucky winner I'm giving out the first two books in the series...and if the winner already has them I'll definitely substitute for a book in the series you don't have. :)
So buckle up and take a ride through Atlanta with Wick Templeton...he's sure to make you laugh, and scream - he'll definitely make you shiver...lol.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Wicked's Way book 1 & 2
From Appleton Publishing Avenue, released 2013-09-13

A man from Wick's past knows Ned's secrets and is after their future…wicked truths are coming…
Wick Templeton is not dating Ned. At least that's his story—period. But when someone decides that Ned's time on earth is over, Wick doesn't bother with the semantics of it…his boyfriend is in danger and that's unacceptable.
What happens when the person targeting Ned just may be the only person Wick can't defend against?
Secrets are revealed, people are hurt, and a very shaky relationship is tested. When the dust clears nothing in Wick's life will be the same.
Caution: This is the fifth in the series, and while you can read this by itself...you know what? Forget it...no you can't read this one by itself and miss out on all the stuff that makes Wick so darn awesome, go back and start with the first one.


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I have all the books, but hey, that shouldn't stop me to comment, right? So there. I don't want to win anything, I'll leave that to the one who didn't read the books (what a loss, I'm telling you!). I'm here to say that I love Wick and his wicked mind. He's funny, sarcastic, tough, but he's also one hell of a friend and would do anything to help someone in danger.

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