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Thursday, November 1, 2012

What happens when you pull four authors together to tell the stories of four couples dealing with the burdens of being an adult in today's world? SOMETHING SEXSATIONAL!

Join authors Allison Cassatta, Caitlin Ricci, DC Juris and Sara York as we bring you a weekly free read about four couples (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) dealing with everyday life, sexuality and love.



A childhood spent in foster care can produce very different results in people, as Annalee Christof knows all too well. Some children are more resilient, others have a harder time coming back from years of questioning the whys and hows. Annalee has long since grown out of asking why her mother gave her up when she was barely a teenager.

Now, nearly a decade later, she knows she's stronger than she was back then. She has a job, friends, and a life she's built for herself away from memories that she tells herself can no longer hurt her. The only regret she has, the one thing she wishes she could make different, would be finding her childhood best friend, a girl she might have loved once had she not been sent away one stormy afternoon. Annalee's been searching for ten years for the girl she knew as Shelby Rainne. And she's not about to give up yet.


Jake Burros owns his own landscaping business, Make It Grow, but he's in the red so deep he doesn't know how to get out. His long time lover took off to the islands two months ago, skipping town with a young twink and eighty thousands dollars of Jake's money. The cops think they can get the money back eventually—Well, probably not, but in the meantime Jake has to survive, pay his employees, the bills for his business, and find a new place to live. Their craftsman mansion in the upper class suburb they lived in outside of Chicago was in his lover's name, and of course the man hadn't been paying the mortgage. Jake was shit out of luck and ready to do anything to get the money, even become a boy toy, if an older man can become a toy, for a rich young thing.

Michael Spears may look like a pretty boy without brains, and sure, his seed money came from his mommy and daddy, but he's invested in a few smart businesses and he's hit it big. He downplays his wealth, but when the super sexy Jake Burros asks for an investment partner, Michael doesn't want their relationship to end on the dotted line. He asks Jake to dinner, starting the beginnings of a very twisted relationship that leaves them both wondering how far they'll take it.

JOHN AND DARLA MCKAY by Allison Cassatta

Darla and John McKay have a great life together. They have ten successful years of marriage under their belts. John is a brilliant and well-established author. Darla is quickly climbing the corporate ladder. Everything is perfect... well, almost perfect.

Their dwindling love life is a cause of concern. John, in an effort to spice things up in the bedroom, casually suggests a threesome, but he picks the worst possible time to bring the topic up--like while his wife is going down on him. Of course, Darla had a knee-jerk reaction to his request, but what John doesn't know about his dear wife is she has secret fantasies of her own, fantasies left back in the door room of her old alma mater.

Long story short... Darla's see-saw tips both ways, only her loving husband has no idea.


Link never thought Haddon, the sexy owner of Dayre - the hottest gay club in town - would ever look twice at a transman like him. But boy, was he wrong. After five years together, their relationship is rock solid. Or... is it?

2012 is turing out to be the year from hell - Link's transphobic family, Haddon's ex lover Mel, and a series of mysterious events in their new house are all conspiring to turn their lives upside down.

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