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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Autumn's Harvest - Erik and Angel

Love by the fire, with Angel and Erik from Patient Privilege

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When Erik came home from work, he found Angel sprawled out on a fluffy, beige blanket in front of the fireplace. He lay on his stomach with one ankle crossed over the back of his knee. The flames flickered, casting golden shimmers on Angel’s pale, naked back. He wore nothing more than the thermal, maroon Polo sleep pants Erik had bought for him. During the summer, they’d both slept naked, but now with the weather outside getting cooler, Erik thought it important for Angel to have something warm to sleep in.
Erik quietly crept across the room, careful not to make even the slightest sound. As he approached his partner, he noticed the white wires hanging from Angel’s ears. Angel was listening to music and sketching in one of his art books and he looked absolutely content. He was completely in the zone, completely involved in what he was drawing. And as always, it was the most beautiful sight Erik could ever imagine. The man he loved with all his heart had beaten addiction and was doing something with his life. Miracles happened and they were evident in the man Erik had decided to spend his life with.
He lowered himself to the blanket, cautiously hovering over Angel’s body. He wanted his lover to feel the touch of his lips against his back before Angel felt anything else. The moment Erik’s mouth met the line of Angel’s spine, Angel raised his head.
“Mmm… someone’s home early,” Angel purred.
“No, I’m actually late,” Erik corrected as he pressed the length of his body to Angel’s.
“What time is it?”
“A little after eight.”
“Jesus, I’ve been lying here for two hours? I’m sorry.” Angel rolled beneath him. “I meant to be up and ready to go to dinner when you got home.”
Erik lowered his head and pressed a slow, lingering kiss to Angel’s sternum, then the spot above his heart and his collarbone, then the slender column of his neck, and finally on his lips. He smiled and said, “I’m thinking we need a change of plans. Maybe we should order in.”
“And why is that?” Angel smirked playfully.
“Because I think I’m going to join you by the fire. You look so comfy here.”
“I am. Why don’t we get you out of that suit?”
Erik straddled Angel’s waist as he lifted up. He slipped out of his jacket, then began loosening his tie, keeping his eyes locked with Angel’s brown stare. Angel sat up beneath him, only enough to reach the buttons of Erik’s cool blue dress shirt. He pushed the shirt down Erik’s arms then laid it aside with the jacket.
Wrapping his arms around Angel, Erik guided him back down to the blanket. He kept his lover in a tight embrace, bare chests pressed together and their lips met in another kiss. Angel’s mouth tasted so sweet, like the finest chocolate and his lips were soft, like the smoothest silk. There kiss was the kind fairy tales were made of, the kind of kiss that made fireworks explode in the night. Erik licked against the roof of Angel’s mouth, then slowly pulled back, letting his teeth gently drag across Angel’s bottom lip.
“I love you so much,” he whispered, mouth fluttering against Angel’s.
“I love you too.” Angel tilted his head as he touched his hand to Erik’s cheek. “Was the risk worth it?”
“God, yes. I would risk everything again for you.”
With a smile, Angel rolled both their bodies until he was on top and Erik stared up at him. The moment his fingers began to fumble with Erik’s zipper, heat rippled through Erik’s body. It wanted Angel, wanted to be inside his lover, making love to the man he would’ve lost everything for. He wanted to hear Angel screaming his name as he roused his lover’s orgasm.
“Get the lube,” Erik asked softly, and almost immediately, Angel popped up from the floor.
Angel hurried into their bedroom while Erik freed himself of the rest of his work clothes. He laid everything in a neat pile off to the side of their blanket, then closed Angel’s art book and placed his iPod on top, then he moved it away as well. He lay back down on the blanket and the moment he got comfortable, Angel appeared with a bottle of lube in his hand.
“Mmm… you’re ready for me,” Angel purred.
Dear God, yes! Erik had been ready for Angel before he’d even found him lying half-naked on the floor, and now that Angel had rid his body of those thermal pants and stood there naked with his semi-erect cock hanging down between his thighs, Erik wanted him even more.
“Come here,” Erik said softly, holding his hand out for Angel to take. Their fingers intertwined as Angel sat back down across Erik’s thighs. “You make everything feel so complete,” he whispered. “And I can’t remember ever being happier than I am when I’m with you.”
“Just wait. We’re getting married soon. Then we get to start a whole new chapter.”
“White picket fences and a yard full of puppies?”
“Maybe. We could always start a family of our own too.”
“Honestly, I would love to have a family with you,” Erik admitted, though he’d never really given the idea much thought, but when Angel spoke those words, it painted such an incredible picture Erik couldn’t deny wanting the same.
“You’re so handsome when you get that dreamy-eyed expression.”
“Let me make love to you,” Erik whispered.
Without saying another word, Angel squeezed the lube onto his hand and he wrapped his palm around Erik’s shaft. Erik closed his eyes and arched his back, spread his thighs as best as he could with Angel’s weight holding them in place.
As angel slowly began stroking, Erik thought of everything they’d been through—their first unexpected kiss and the relief he’d felt when he found Angel. He thought about everything that led up to him lying naked on the floor with Angel on top of him and how special this relationship was considering everything they’d gone through to get there, and it made his heart soar in a way it never had before. Sure, he’d saved Angel, but in a way, Angel had saved him as well. The heroin-addicted prostitute made Erik open his eyes and gave Erik a reason to fight for love that was real, not a love of convenience and safety. He gave Erik his heart back and made Erik fall in love all over again.

Patient Privilege

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