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Friday, November 9, 2012

Autumn's Harvest - Chris and Josh

A touching fall moment from Josh and Chris from Dear Diary

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“I have a present for you,” Josh said in a soft voice. He sounded excited and I swear, his excitement was always contagious. I’d been sneaking tiny slices of Mom’s homemade apple pie. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and his body press against my back. It made me stop what I was doing because hugs from him were better than any kind of homemade anything.
“A present, huh?”
I turned around—still in his arms, still feeling his warmth, even through my fleece pullover—and I saw him grinning. The smile was so genuine, so sincere and full of life, it made his green eyes sparkle.
“I don’t see anything… unless a kiss from you is my present.”
“You’re such a cornball, Chris,” Josh said, rolling his eyes. “Come on. It’s in your room.”
“Even better,” I teased.
Josh grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the hot apple pie I’d just cut into. I think I might’ve whimpered a bit, but he didn’t notice. Whatever this present was seemed to be a lot more important than my watering mouth.
Our feet thudded in unison as we pounded up the stairs to my bedroom. My dad was lying on the couch watching the game and didn’t even notice. We charged down the hall, past the noise blaring from my little sister’s room. It sounded like Cassie was watching cartoons. Mom always took Saturday to go shopping, so she was nowhere in sight. Everyone was completely occupied and suddenly, I felt a whole lot more excited about this “present” Josh wanted to give me. Not saying my boyfriend was some sort of horndog or anything, but his “gifts” usually ended up with one or both of us naked. We just usually didn’t mess around in my parents’ house.
Since I’d become so much more comfortable in my sexuality and where we stood as a couple, I didn’t mind those surprise interludes with him. In fact, I sort of looked forward to it. And now that I’d graduated from high school and we were all set to go to the same college, I knew I could look forward to even more playtime with the guy who’d made me realize what love and sexuality was all about.
After we were both safely inside my bedroom, I closed and locked the door behind us. Josh stood in front of my bed, still grinning from ear to ear. I couldn’t resist going in for a kiss. There was something about the glistening of his lips, something about their softness and fullness, that made me crave a taste almost as much as I’d been craving that pie.
I grabbed him by his denim-covered hips and pulled him toward me so hard he stumbled, and when he did, his lips planted directly on mine. He purred the moment our mouths connected. Both our eyes closed immediately. I licked across his lips and he opened wide enough for my tongue to slip inside his mouth.
The coolness of his palms collided with the warmth of my skin as he slid his hands up the back of my pullover. The feel of it made me hiss against his mouth, and that stupid hiss made him pull his lips away from mine.
“What?”  he asked, with a tone of worry that was absolutely unmistakable.
“Nothing,” I responded, leaning back in for another taste.
“Your present.” His lips fluttered against mine as he spoke those few airy words.
But I thought I already had my present. Wasn’t it in my arms?
“Chris,” he said as he pressed his palms to my pecs and eased me back before I could devour his mouth again. “Don’t you want to see what I got for you?”
With a sigh, I resigned myself to the idea of not being able to taste his mouth again until I let him give me this present… whatever it was. Not that I didn’t appreciate the gesture, but with the two of us getting ready to start our fall semester in a few weeks, I didn’t want to lose any valuable time with him. I was starting as a freshman and Josh a sophomore. He’d already warned me that freshman year was tough and I wouldn’t get to be with him as much as I liked, so I valued every second I had with him now.
“Okay. Okay,” I finally said. “Give me the present.”
He beamed and bounced over toward my bed. There was a large cardboard box waiting there, with a big maroon bow on top. He grabbed it by the corners and whirled around to put into my waiting hands. It was weighty, but not incredibly heavy, and I gave it a little shake.
“Just open it,” he said.
Holding the box steady in one hand, I peeled back the corner and inside was a huge mound of that thin white papery stuff people packed in shirt boxes to either hide a smaller present or to protect the clothes inside. I carefully lifted one flap back, and beyond the paper I saw a maroon swatch of cloth with the word “State” in gray letters. It was from the school Josh and I would be attending together.
“I couldn’t let you go off to college without something warm and school-spirited to wear,” he said.
The box fell away, and in my hands was a thick hooded sweatshirt . “Oh my God, Josh,” I gasped. “You didn’t have to do this.”
“I knew how bad you wanted one.”
“But they were so expensive.”
“No, it wasn’t too bad. I’m a student so I get a decent discount.”
“Thanks, Josh,” I said as I pulled him into a tight hug.
I held on to my boyfriend for a long while, not only because I loved how holding him made me feel, but because I really wanted him to know how much I appreciated what he’d done for me. Sure, it was a small token of his love, but wasn’t it the small tokens that always had the biggest impact? It seemed to be between us. I suppose that was one of the many things that made him so incredibly special to me.





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I like stories of the unexpected. I also love the steamy passion but I hate mentioning favorite authors because the list is long. I appreciate the many styles authors use to weave stories of mystery, love, intrigue, preternatural and inspiration. I love reading because I can go anywhere, any time in my mind and imagine indescribable things.

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