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Monday, November 12, 2012

Autumn's Harvest - Brigid and Mari

A tender moment with Mari and Brigid from The Witch's Familiar

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The solid white kitten Mari and Brigid had chosen together paced figure eights around Brigid’s ankles while Mari built a perfect circle out of dried, brown fallen leaves. They’d decide to do their Samhain ritual in the backyard because the weather stayed nice enough and the wind wasn’t so strong it blew the leaves away. “Luck of the witches,” Mari proclaimed, giving Brigid a little wink.
Brigid watched her girlfriend, the best friend she’d ever had, saunter around the circle. Her slender legs moved with catlike grace, muscles flexing with each step. She was the most beautiful creature Brigid had ever seen. Long black curls bounced against the curve of her back. Her cleavage peeked up from the low V-cut of her knee-length crimson robe.
With every step Mari took made a peaceful, easy feeling washed over Brigid—such a great feeling going into a witch’s most sacred, most hallowed sabbat. It was Mari’s idea to call on the spirits of Brigid’s mother and grandmother, to give Brigid a chance to say things she’d forgotten to say before the two most important women in her life passed away.
Brigid looked up toward the sky. The sun had already begun to set, turning the sky a coppery, golden color with a backdrop of light purple. She imagined her mother and grandmother floating through the cosmos, waiting to be reborn unto the earth. This was the first Samhain since their passing, and though they were long gone from this life, Brigid still felt their presence in everything she did.
“You still with me?” Mari whispered as she wrapped her arms around Brigid’s waist. She kissed the nape of Brigid’s neck. “You look lost.”
“No. Not lost. Just thinking.”
“You miss them, don’t you?”
“Can you still feel their presence?”
“Every day.”
Mari stepped around to face Brigid, and she laid her hand against Brigid’s cheek as she pressed their lips together. The kitten stopped its pacing a mewed up at its mommas. And even as their lips remain connected, they both let out a little giggle.
“Would you like to see your mother and grandmother again?” Mari asked. Since the night she’d saved Brigid’s life, she seemed to have a connection with the spirits of Brigid’s matriarchs that the witch didn’t have.
“I would love to,” Brigid said in a soft, sing-song voice.
Mari took a step back, reluctantly releasing her hold of Brigid, then held her hands up toward the sky. The winds picked up, scattering the neat circle of dried leaves Mari had taken so much care to create. The kitten sat back on her haunches, meowing up at Mari as Mari began to softly chant.
“I call upon the powers, the lord and lady of earth and night, the sun and moon, the sisters and brothers, please guide the matriarchs of Brigid’s blood back to earth and give them form, so that their daughter may take comfort in their presence.”
Brigid closed her eyes and held her arms out, palms facing the coming moon. She could feel the sizzle of new energy electrifying the air. Even the winds seemed to be singing a new tune, and Brigid just knew when she opened her eyes again, she would see the ghostly forms of her mother and grandmother, standing in the circle with her, singing their praises of the life she now lived.
“Brigid?” a soft voice spoke. It was the same voice that once sang lullabies to her, that whispered little tidbits of ancient wisdom in her ear.
“Mammaw?” Brigid whispered in return as she slowly lowered her gaze in the voice’s direction.
There they stood, the two women who’d raised her, who’d helped her become the woman she was today. Smiles curled their lips. Their eyes held a proud sparkle. Brigid gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.
She felt Mari’s hand at the base of her spine, slowly rubbing small, comforting circles. Then she felt Mari’s lips at her ear. Mari said, “Blessed Samhain, my beautiful lover.”
Tears burned in Brigid’s eyes. She couldn’t believe they were really there, that she could actually see them and speak with them. It was the best gift anyone could’ve given her, and made so much more special because it came from Mari.
“Sweet Brigid,” her mother said as she took a step forward. The ghostly woman held out her hands, even though Brigid couldn’t touch them. “I’m so proud of you. And I’m proud of Mari. Together, you have the most beautiful love I’ve ever seen. You’re so happy.”
“I really am, Momma,” Brigid said earnestly as she locked her hand around Mari’s. “I can’t remember ever being as happy as I am now.”
“It shows, sweetheart. It really does.”
“And as such—” Her grandmother said as she took a step forward to join the rest of them. “—I hope the two of you will consider a handfasting ceremony.”
“I um…” Brigid stammered as her head whipped back toward Mari. “We um… never talked about doing anything like that.”
“Maybe we should,” Mari said as she took both of Brigid’s hands in hers. She knelt down in the grass, right a Brigid’s feet. “Would you do me the solemn honor of being handfasted with me?”
Brigid’s eyes widened. “I… I…”
“Say yes, dear,” her mother said calmly, giving Brigid a warm, motherly grin.
“Yes!” Brigid gasped. “Oh gods, yes.”
Her mother and grandmother laughed as Mari stood and pulled Brigid into a tight hug. Brigid cradled Mari’s face in her hands and pulled her in for a much deeper kiss. Both women closed their eyes. Their lips lingered and their tongues danced. Not only did they share an overwhelming sense of joy, but they also felt the undeniable excited happiness from the matriarchs of Brigid’s line. And that approval meant the world to them both. 

The Witch's Familiar

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Michelle said...

I have never read a book on lesbian lovers before...I think I may have to check it out....it sounds great...