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Friday, September 14, 2012


Pick up select titles for under a buck!

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"Aphrodite's Gift - A League of Slayers Tale 1"

GENRE: Hetero Paranormal Rom  LENGTH: Novella
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Deacon is a hard-nosed demon slayer who loves his solitude and doesn’t do well with taking orders. He’s a mammoth of a man, endowed by the gods and goddesses with strength, immortality and stunning good looks. Now he’s charged to send an incubus who almost killed him back to hell.

Violet is a career woman who is smart and funny, who has friends but no true love...other than her romance novels. She hates her size fourteen jeans and the sight of herself in the mirror makes her cringe. After a night of drinking with her best friend and a love spell gone awry, she finds herself mixed up with evil.

Who will triumph? Who will have Violet's soul?

"Chief of Thrones"

GENRE: Hetero Paranormal/Fantasy Rom   LENGTH: Novella

Cameal only wants to feel the touch of a woman’s body against his. He only wants to feel… something, but for the Chief of Thrones—one of heaven’s most powerful Ophanim—any form of earthly desire is against the rules. For thirteen centuries, that rule wasn’t a problem. Then Uriel introduced him to life on earth and that’s when Cam discovered his addiction to women. But his earthly partners never fully sated him and it wasn’t until God delivered his punishment that he fully understood why.

It takes finding the raven-haired beauty the angels on earth call “Mary” to make the Chief of Thrones realize what he truly wants. Now he has to decide what he’s willing to sacrifice to finally feel whole. Will he endure excruciating torture to forget her or will he risk their lives to have her? 

"Dear Diary"

GENRE: M/M Contemporary Romance   LENGTH: Short Story

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Chris Bishop is an All-American type guy with the perfect family, perfect grades and perfect girlfriend, with a bright and shiny future ahead of him.

He thought he had everything planned, thought he knew it all. But one summer, a kiss, and a green-eyed hunk changed his whole life. Volunteering in a law firm was an opportunity for his future but it took him in a direction he never thought of or dreamt could happen.

"Dear Diary: Pride"

GENRE: M/M Contemporary Romance   LENGTH: Novella
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Heartthrobs, Chris and Josh are back for another tale in their budding romance.
Chris is on the right path to becoming a grown man. He's doing all the big rites of passage and Josh is holding his hand for the entire ride, but when bullies get ahold of him, Chris starts to wonder if being with Josh was the right decision.

Now, everyone in the family is worried about him. So, as a graduation gift, Chris's parents agree to send the boys to a nearby Gay Pride Parade, but Chris is hesitant to go. He doesn't see the point in being proud of what he is. Gay people are hated, or so he thinks. Maybe this will be an opportunity to change his life.

"Pride" picks up where "Dear Diary" left off. We follow along as Chris and Josh's relationship grows. We see them take the next step and overcome hurdles together. Fall in love with Josh and Chris all over again.

"The Witch's Familiar"

GENRE: Lesbian Paranormal Romance   LENGTH: Novella
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They say love comes in the most unexpected packages, and nothing could be truer for Brigid-a natural witch with a heart of gold and a heap of unfortunate luck.

After the deaths of her mother and Grandma Ana, she'd found herself-for the most part-alone. She had her cat and her best friend, Christian, the new age shop her grandmother had started and a coven of witches that dated back in the Burning Times, but other than that, she was alone and had lost hope of being complete or happy again. And if things weren't bad enough, she started showing signs of the same illness her family's matriarchs had died from….

Will ancient magick and an unexpected, new-found love be enough to save her life?

Contests, Events and Giveaways


As soon as my Facebook page reaches 3,000 likes, I'll celebrate with everyone by giving away 1 autographed copy of  Immortal OR 1 autographed copy of Sin & Seduction, as well as 2 ebook copies of either title. Winners will be drawn by random.


At 12PM CST on Monday, September 17th, 2012, I'm going to give away 5 copies of my newest release "Aphrodite's Gift". It's the first book in the League of Slayers series and this is your chance to get it free! All you have to do is RSVP to this event and your name will go into a drawing.


Visit Goodreads.com for your chance to win an autographed paperback edition of my gritty M/M romance, Sin & Seduction, released this year through Dreamspinner Press.

In the works and coming soon

October - Release of "Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness Volume II" from XoXo Publishing
October - Gay Romance Lit Retreat 2012
December - Release of "Lies and Seduction", the sequel to "Sin & Seduction" from Dreamspinner Press
TBA - Release of "Dhamphir", the second book in "The Immortals Saga" from Kerlak Publishing
TBA - "Journalistic Integrity", the sequel to Patient Privilege
TBA - "Diamond Eyes", the second book in The League of Slayers series
TBA - "Lover's Pride"
TBA - "Let Her In"

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