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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love at First Sight or You Gotta Fight – What’s Your Perfect Romance?

I’ve asked people to answer this poll about what they want in a good romance, and one person turned the question back on me. What is my perfect romance?

For me, that’s an easy question to answer. My perfect romance ends with two people so in love they live and breathe for each other. The attraction and adoration is mutual. The relationship is 50/50 and no one person controls it all. Everything is balanced and fair in the end, regardless of how they got there.

As an author, I’ve learned over the last few years that some people don’t appreciate what they’re calling “insta-love” or love at first sight. They don’t believe people can feel that undeniable need to be close to someone from the moment their eyes meet, and they definitely don’t want it in their romances. Now, while I appreciate a good, blossoming romance or a turbulent “let’s see who breaks down and admits their love first,” I also appreciate a well-written “insta-love” story.

For me as a reader, the bottom line is:
a.) Do the characters have the kind of chemistry that makes their love at first sight viable and believable?
b.) Do I get the warm and fuzzy feeling from their connection?

If the answer is yes to both, then the book is a win in my mind, despite how the characters got from perfect strangers to bedfellows.

Now, that’s not to say I don’t appreciate a good fight for the heart. Trust me when I say I very much love the emotional tug-of-war of two people who don’t want to fall in love. One of my favorite authors, JR Ward, is infamous for this kind of romance and she pulls it off so very, very well.

But I’m curious, what kind of romance do people truly appreciate? How do they want the relationships to develop? Does the characters’ personalities play a role in how their journey on the path of the heart plays out? I really, really want to know. So please, feel free to comment and give me some feedback on this!


Kris Rifkin said...

I love a good story of unrequited love (at least in the beginning). I love the work and the drama and the anticipation in the situations. I also have a soft spot for an antagonistic character. I enjoy watching the walls come down and seeing a relationship slowly dawn on both people. To me, its more like "real life" and something I can identify with.

DemonicSymphony said...

I love both to be honest. Considering I have had the whole 'insta-love' thing happen twice in real life (the second time only happening after my first husband died...) I have a soft spot for well-written love at first sight. However, I tend to write 'fight the love' stories!

Allison Cassatta said...

Thanks for the feedback, ladies. I really appreciate it!

Johanna Rae said...

I'm fine with the whole instant connection thing, because whether people like it or not it DOES happen. The key to it all as you say, is whether or not the author has the skill to pull it off.

I do like to see at least a couple of challenges, such as one of the characters not being comfortable with the instant connection, or there being some reason why they shouldn't be together. (You pull off that second one very well IMHO).

I also feel that even though romance novels are based on real life experiences to a point (or people's perceptions of them) They're also there to give a good hearty dose of the warm fuzzies, and give us a little 'magic.' So from that POV, it doesn't have to be 100% realistic.

If you are able to throw a little bit of sugar and spice into the mix and snag the reader with your well developed characters and their woes/accomplishments, then you should be able to take the story wherever your heart desires.

Ultimately, I believe that it is the author that makes a good romance, not the specifics... and I've laughed and cried along with your characters as they climb the rungs of the ladder that is their journey. I hope this comment is helpful because this is way more than I meant to write. *shakes head*

Allison Cassatta said...

Brilliantly said, my dear!

Allison Cassatta said...

Brilliantly put, my dear!

NMW said...

I like love at first sight or close to it because I am impatient and I want things to happen in a book quickly so it will keep my attention.:) Of course, this doesn't always happen but I do not like books that take half the time with the MC's fighting attraction. It seems like a waste to me.