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Friday, May 4, 2012


"Chief of Thrones" Released May 3rd!

What's romance without a kinky little angel? Warning, this is a hetero romance with a few menage scenes. I gave it a heat level of 4 out of 5.

Cameal only wants to feel the touch of a woman’s body against his. He only wants to feel… something, but for the Chief of Thrones—one of heaven’s most powerful Ophanim—any form of earthly desire is against the rules. For thirteen centuries, that rule wasn’t a problem. Then Uriel introduced him to life on earth and that’s when Cam discovered his addiction to women. But his earthly partners never fully sated him and it wasn’t until God delivered his punishment that he fully understood why.

It takes finding the raven-haired beauty the angels on earth call “Mary” to make the Chief of Thrones realize what he truly wants. Now he has to decide what he’s willing to sacrifice to finally feel whole. Will he endure excruciating torture to forget her or will he risk their lives to have her?



"Evernight - Volume II" is coming! 

XoXo publishing will be releasing “Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness - Vol. 2” and I want you to be a part of it! “Evernight” will be a paranormal romance anthology about the things that go bump in the night struggling to find their happily ever after.

Relationships must be heterosexual in nature. Though bi-sexuality is allowed, the HEA couple must be hetero. This is going to be an erotic anthology with a dark/gothic them. The main character/characters must go through some tragedy or strife, must overcome something in order for them to have their HEA. Submissions should be no longer than 7,000 words and must be no shorter than 4,500 words.

The deadline for submissions is June 1st, 2012 Please send submissions to allisoncassatta@gmail.com. Once I receive your submission, you will get a verification email. If your submission is approved, you will get an acceptance email from me and the standard legal emails from a representative of XoXo Publishing.


I've started a review/interview section on my blog.

My friends and I are readers. We enjoy books for the stories and the emotional draw, for the characters and their situations. We don't dig for editor's mistakes. We won't trash your book for missing punctuation or slightly misused grammar. We just want to enjoy the story. And we want all our friends to know just how awesome independent authors can be. This is the place where the little guy will always shine like a star!

If you want to have your work featured, email me. Click here to see how it looks.

Coming Soon and In the Works!

August - "Patient Privilege" due to be released with Silver Publishing.
September - "Sin and Seduction" due to be released with Dreamspinner Press.
October - GayRomLit Retreat 2012.
TBA - "The Immortals Saga: Dhamphir" to be released with Kerlak Publishing.
TBA - "Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness - Volume II" to be released with XoXo Publishing.
In Progress: "Lies and Seduction" and "Let Her In"

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