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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sunday ~ Jan 15th, 2012

"Dear Diary 2: Pride" Coming Soon

Pride Cover

Heartthrobs, Chris and Josh are back for another tale in their budding romance.

Chris is on the right path to becoming a grown man. He’s doing all the big rites of passage and Josh is holding his hand for the entire ride, but when bullies get ahold of him, Chris starts to wonder if being with Josh was the right decision. Now, everyone in the family is worried about him. So, as a graduation gift, Chris’s parents agree to send the boys to a nearby Gay Pride Parade, but Chris is hesitant to go. He doesn’t see the point in being proud of what he is. Gay people are hated, or so he thinks. Maybe this will be an opportunity to change his life.

“Pride” picks up where “Dear Diary” left off. We follow along as Chris and Josh’s relationship grows. We see them take the next step and overcome hurdles together. Fall in love with Josh and Chris all over again.

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"Kissing Is Easy..."
Coming Jan 18th, 2012 from Dreamspinner Press

Pride Cover

It should be just another day for best friends Parker and Toby, not much different than any other day they’ve spent hanging out over the past fifteen years. But it isn’t just another day. Toby thinks Parker is freaking out because his girlfriend broke up with him. He has no idea that Parker is actually losing his shit because he just figured out he has feelings for Toby. At least, he has no idea until Parker kisses him.

Now Toby’s the one flipping out. Terrified of what his family might do if they find out he’s gay, he’s stayed in the closet for years and had no intentions of coming out. Now Toby has to decide what to do: keep Parker as a friend and live his life in fear… or take the plunge, stand up for himself, and take a chance on love.

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Newest release from XoXo Publishing
"From Ashes To Flame

Ashes Cover

Archer thought he'd have the fairytale life with the man of his dreams, until those dreams were torn from him by hateful words and a heart that didn't have the will to go on beating. He lost the man he loved, the man he'd been ready to make life's biggest commitment to, and Archer was left a broken, empty shell….

Until Phoenix came along and saved him.

An angel had pulled him from the abyss and renewed his world, gave him hope and a new lease on life. But again, fate was cruel and Heaven's guard wanted to take his savior away. Only through the cruelest, most rigorous trials could Archer possibly see his angel again. Will they both be strong enough to survive?

In The Works!

Dhamphir Cover

I know I've taken forever on this, but it's with good reason, I promise. The second book in "The Immortal's Saga," tentatively called "Dhamphir," is nearing completion. I've given myself a November 7th deadline. That's my birthday and I hope to have more than just "getting old" to celebrate.

In this book, Steffi is all grown up and off to college. She's met a boy and is madly in love with him, but she didn't bet on Mom and Dad's DNA coming back to haunt her in such a major way! Steffi knew she wasn't like other girls, but she had no idea just how "unlike" them she truly was.

Annette Clarington, Molly and Apollo, and even our fun, Frenchman, Theirry come back to play. I've also introduced a cast of new characters; from awkward seers to moody shape-shifters. And of course, at the end of the book, another problem child is introduced.

Hopefully, Kerlak Publishing will pick this one up as well and we'll see this baby in print soon.

"The Witch's Familiar" is now available for all eReaders.

Witch's Familiar

It's a sweet love story and my first lesbian romance. So far, people have loved it!


Kindle from Amazon ~ Nook from Barnes & Noble

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They say love comes in the most unexpected packages, and nothing could be truer for Brigid-a natural witch with a heart of gold and a heap of unfortunate luck.
After the deaths of her mother and Grandma Ana, she'd found herself-for the most part-alone. She had her cat and her best friend, Christian, the new age shop her grandmother had started and a coven of witches that dated back in the Burning Times, but other than that, she was alone and had lost hope of being complete or happy again. And if things weren't bad enough, she started showing signs of the same illness her family's matriarchs had died from….
Will ancient magick and an unexpected, new-found love be enough to save her life?

Find more information, visit: http://allisoncassatta.blogspot.com/p/ffromance.html

Best-Selling Anthology - "Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness" Now Available for Most eReaders!

Evernight Cover


Kindle from Amazon ~ XoXo Publishing

Don't forget, you can now purchase "Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness" from Amazon or straight from the publisher "Evernight" is a collection of twelve paranormal romances that vary from vampires and werewolves to demons and mermaids. The feedback has been amazing and I hope you'll take the time to check out the new authors featured in the collection. For more information, visit http://allisoncassatta.blogspot.com/p/pararomance.html.

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