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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Satuday ~ August 6th, 2011

Only Four Days Left to Sudmit Your Entry for "Evernight"

Evernight Cover

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, August 10th, but please, don't wait until the last minute because you won't have the opportunity to make changes and re-submit your manuscript. Please send submissions to allisoncassatta@gmail.com. Once I receive your submission, you will get a verification email. If your submission is approved, you will get an acceptance email from me and the standard legal emails from a representative of XoXo Publishing.
For more details and submission guidelines, click here!

XoXo Publishing to release "From Ashes to Flame" this year!

From Ashes to Flame

Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance

In this story, we meet Asher-a human man who lost the love of his life to suicide, and Phoenix-a guardian angel sent by Archer's former lover and the gods of Heaven's guard to help Archer find his heart again. The two make one fatal mistake; they fall in love, and when Phoenix's time on earth is brought to an end, Archer has to suffer a whole new wave of heartbreak. Will Phoenix be able to bargain with the gods to return to earth to be with the man he loves or were the doomed before they started?

Dreamspinner Press LLC to release "Kissing is Easy..." early 2012!

Kissing is Easy...

Genre: M/M Romance

It should've been just another day, not unlike any other day. Parker and Toby went to their favorite hangout, an abandon factory in the middle of the woods where they'd spent day after day for the past fifteen years hiding from their parents and the other kids in the town. But that day was different. That day, Parker had fresh wounds on the surface of his heart and as any good friend should, Toby was there to hold him together. Only, Toby thought Parks was falling apart because his girlfriend Sam had broken up with him. Far from the truth. Parker was losing his shit because he knew he'd developed feelings for Toby… even though Toby was straight.

Autographed copies of "Immortal" available at select bookstores!

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