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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tomorrow is the last day....

For a chance to win a free autographed copy of “Immortal” and to have a character, or yourself, written into my second book, you will be writing a scene with a new character who is introduced in “Dhamphir.”

The scene itself will not be included in the book, but will be the basis for that character’s mannerisms and dialogue between Ange and Character X. The character will be killed before the end of the book, and I promise to make it a beautiful, bloody mess!

You will also be mentioned in the author’s notes in the front of the book.

The Rules:
1. 2,000 words or less!!! Please do not go over, it will be HIGHLY frowned up and will count against you

2. The character can be male or female, gay or straight, human or… not.

3. The character works for The Order, which is an agency that works to protect members of the supernatural community with a heavy focus on vampires.

4. Understand that the book will be copyrighted solely in my name, published in my name and all rights belong to me. Some of your words may or may not be used. And as previously stated, you and your character creation will be mentioned in the author’s notes.

5. Deadline for submissions is MIDNIGHT CST, Monday, April 11, 2011.

6. Once the winner is selected, you will be informed via email and announced on the fan page. You will also be allowed to read the chapter with Ange and character X, and allowed input.

The character you are writing for:

The Order had sent their newest flunky—a scrawny kid who was supposed to be a seer of some sort—over from France. “Whip him into shape with some of your old fashion, Clarington style, back breaking labor,” the man on the phone had said. Who knew she had such a reputation?

Ange, the pimple-faced flunky from France, with glasses that would turn any woman away and hair the shade of carrot skin, had banged his boney fist on her door. Poor, little, mortal seer had never been around vampires prior to being received by The Order. They still sort of scared him. Okay, that was a huge understatement. They scared him to death, but what was punishment without a healthy dose of fear? Cause trouble at school, go work for vampires. Sounded just, right? Not even close.

His trembling fist banged on Clarington’s office door again. “S'il vous plait, ne pas la laisser me mordre,” he mumbled beneath his breath. His only fear since he’d arrived: being bitten by one of those vamps. Never mind The Order had rules in regards to vampires feeding from humans, Ange didn’t care. He saw fangs and freaked.

Your character:

Again, your character has a job at The Order, they can be any species you like and you can take the scene anywhere you like. It will start with Ange sitting on the sofa in the downstairs living room after Annette Clarington had just scared the hell out of him. He doubts that he is cut out for that type of work and is really bent on walking away. Your job, convince him of his worth, convince him how wonderful The Order is (you don’t have to get the fact about the order right.)

The future:

Ange becomes a bad ass in the series and there is a small chance that he will remember the person who kept him from quitting, and how bad losing that person hurt him.

I will do the first round of eliminations. From there, my BETA READERS (only those who have not entered) will read the remaining submission and the one with the most votes will be chosen.

All submissions MUST be emailed to: immortalcontest@allisoncassatta.com
The subject MUST be: “Immortal” Contest Entry
Your name, mailing address, and email address must be included.
Optional, but preferable: Facebook Profile URL.


Please post them here or message me directly.

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